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National Service Center

The Ebix RCS National Service Center is staffed by a team of 75 dedicated professionals responsible for the management of 5000 service transactions each business day. Documents showing evidence of insurance coverage arrive at the Ebix RCS service center each day via mail, fax or email, and are sorted, scanned, and entered into the tracking database by members of the Ebix RCS service team.

Immediately after data has been extracted from the insurance documents and entered into the tracking system, the coverage information provided is compared to our client's pre-established insurance requirements to determine if the coverage provided meets, or fails to meet, their minimum requirements. If deficiencies, such inadequate coverage limits, lack of a proper additional insured endorsement or unacceptable carrier ratings, are detected, notices are sent that day to advise the insured of the corrective action needed to achieve compliance.

Ebix RCS, National Certificate of Insurance Service Center The National Service Center operates from a dedicated facility located in Hemet, California.
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