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Time is a valuable commodity. That is why we place a great deal of emphasis on making sure that each and every new client implementation is completed on schedule. With more than 200 successfully executed new client implementations under our belt, Ebix RCS has the expertise and experience to make your transition to our full service Certificate of Insurance management service as easy, efficient and effective as possible.

Early in the implementation process, Ebix RCS’ manager of new client implementations develops a plan taking into consideration all essential elements of the implementation.
Depending on your circumstances, the options for implementation can range from:

  • Ebix RCS simply taking over the insurance monitoring responsibility directly from where you leave off
  • Ebix RCS conducting a full-coverage audit

Ebix RCS supplies each new client with a customized implementation guide that identifies all of the components that must be considered for conducting a smooth, efficient implementation. We will work with you to help you gather and organize your data and will help you summarize your insurance coverage requirements. During the implementation, we also share information gained from our years of experience and will consult with you about likely outcomes of decisions made during this phase.


All information gathered or created by Ebix RCS (e.g. certificate images, reports, coverage information, transaction history) is accessible via secure, on-line access to the Ebix RCS system. The system was designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. There is no need to be an insurance expert to use the Ebix RCS system effectively. Users quickly become comfortable with the simple and easy-to-navigate system design.

As part of your program implementation, the on-line system will be established based on your criteria and will be quality tested. Ebix RCS’s training staff will work with you to make sure you are completely comfortable with the on-line system and its features prior to initiating service to you. Subsequent to your coming on board with our service, Ebix RCS will provide training, at no additional cost, to new employees joining your team after initiation of the Ebix RCS service.

Ebix RCS will also provide you with customized user manuals containing screenshots for every system screen and field definitions for all data elements.

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