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Ebix RCS's proprietary insurance tracking software was designed exclusively for monitoring incoming Certificates of Insurance. Continuously improved for over the past decade, the system automates all aspects of the insurance tracking process that traditionally required costly, time-consuming manual processes.

Since no two customers are alike, we will customize the system to your precise specifications and reporting needs. The Ebix RCS tracking system provides a comprehensive set of management and activity reports. Once the tracking system is in place, Ebix RCS will continue to add enhancements to reflect your current business realities. Only Ebix RCS offers this unique level of customization. You may also choose to have the data created and collected by Ebix RCS automatically exported (real time or batch) to your own host system (e.g. A/P, ERP or Contract Management). Our in-house IT staff will work with you to coordinate a seamless flow of information using the data interface method of your choosing.

The Ebix RCS system requires no software or hardware installation. A web browser and Internet access are the only requirements.

Document Imaging
Certificates, and all related documents, are electronically imaged upon receipt and instantly become a part of your insurance records and account history. Document images are permanently maintained online allowing you to review current and historical documents with ease. All certificates and other documentation are formatted for easy printing via standard office printers.

Secured Internet Access
Clients may access complete transaction histories and complete image history for all records on the Ebix RCS system. The system is available on a 24/7 basis. With system availability exceeding 99.9%, you can monitor your insurance compliance status anytime you choose to do so. Access privileges to the website are controlled by log-on ID, and include various authority levels based on each client's policies.

Ebix RCS customizes system functionality for each client based on the client's unique business structure, contractual insurance requirements, and reporting needs. In addition to managing Certificates of Insurance, Ebix RCS can also customize the system to assist with other compliance management needs.

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