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Ebix RCS Full-Service Tracking
Whether your organization is large or small, publicly or privately held, Ebix RCS can customize its product offering to meet your unique requirements.  Our full-service insurance tracking product has the flexibly to validate and monitor insurance coverage requirements contained in any type of agreement, for any type of organization.  While the core Ebix RCS product offering is intended to relieve your organization of the time consuming, labor intensive aspects of insurance compliance tracking, Ebix RCS also offers partial tracking solutions allowing your organization to retain responsibility for some of the components included in the tracking process.

The value proposition offered by Ebix RCS goes beyond the tracking service itself.  Our people possess years of knowledge gained from working with hundreds of organizations on insurance/risk transfer issues and can share this knowledge with you to help fine-tune your compliance approach.

Broad Range of Industries Served
When it comes to insurance compliance monitoring, each industry presents a distinct set of challenges for establishing the service component necessary to meet the needs of our customer.  Ebix RCS has gained considerable expertise in handling the insurance compliance needs of organizations in more than 20 different industries.

Following are highlights of service provided to several industries:

Insurance Tracking For Property Managers  

Insurance Tracking for Property Mangers
Our property management clients benefit from our 10+ years of experience tracking and validating insurance requirements for tenants and vendors.  IDS RETM effectively handles issues unique to managing and tracking Certificates of Insurance for property managers.
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Insurance Tracking For Construction Managers  

Insurance Tracking for Construction Contractors
Tracking and managing insurance certificates for construction projects can be an administrative nightmare.  Our insurance tracking experts will leverage their experience to increase your subcontractor insurance compliance.
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Insurance Tracking For Retailers  

Insurance Tracking for Retailers
With industry specific features such as Foreign Source Vendor Validation, CG-2015 Endorsement Verification, and comprehensive Retailer Benchmarking Reports, IDS RETTM will help your organization reduce management costs and increase vendor compliance.
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