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Client Praise
  Costco Wholesale
"Over the years Ebix RCS has delivered the service we need. Selecting them to track our Certificates of Insurance was an excellent decision."

Janice Chamberlain
Costco Wholesale

Shorenstein Real Estate Management
"We found outsourcing our compliance tracking to be a cost effective solution."

Greg Moellering
Shorenstein Real Estate Management

Ryland Homes
"Ebix RCS has the ability to adapt its systems and procedures quickly to meet our changing needs."

Debbie Guy
Ryland Homes

Kenny Construction
"Since we implemented the Ebix RCS program, the time I spent dealing with subcontractor insurance issues has diminished considerably."

John Tuisl
Kenny Construction

"Ebix RCS's customer service staff uses a high degree of professionalism in handling our insurance compliance work."

Della Y. Dickson

Norfolk Southern Corp.
"Our transition to the Ebix RCS program went very smoothly."

David Fries
Norfolk Southern Corp.

GATX Corporation
"Ebix RCS has customized its system to meet the very complex needs of our leasing business. Using them has vastly improved the quality and efficiency of our insurance tracking."

Pat Talbot
GATX Corporation

Adelphia Communications
"Since we outsourced our Certificate of Insurance monitoring work to Ebix RCS, we have been successful in reducing our uninsured exposure from contractors with deficiencies from 12% down to less than 3%."

Ruth Reynolds
Adelphia Communications


Ebix RCS provides outsourced solutions for tracking and managing incoming Certificates of Insurance.

Insurance Tracking SoftwareOutsourced insurance tracking relieves your organization of the time-consuming work and administrative hassle involved in managing Certificate of Insurance compliance. Our team of insurance tracking experts perform all of the tasks necessary to achieve insurance compliance, and manage the entire process of soliciting, validating and electronically storing your incoming Certificates of Insurance.

When you use our professionally-managed insurance tracking services, you will enjoy increased insurance compliance and reduced loss exposure for your organization. Furthermore, the Ebix RCS system allows you to instantly view the insurance status of each entity with whom you do business via a secured internet connection. And you can generate custom reports showing insurance compliance status for anyone with whom you do business (e.g. vendors, suppliers, tenants, shippers etc.).

Benefits of Our Insurance Tracking Services
Decrease Management costs
With Ebix RCS, your organization can leverage our insurance tracking expertise, efficient tracking systems and economies of scale to gain higher compliance rates and achieve significant cost savings compared to managing your insurance tracking in-house.

Certificate of Insurance Tracking and ManagementReduce Uninsured and Underinsured Exposure
With Ebix RCS, you are working with the industry expert. Compliance monitoring on incoming Certificates of Insurance is our only business. You can always be confident we'll do the necessary follow-up to make sure that those with whom you do business are fulfilling their obligation to maintain and show evidence of required insurance coverages. Our attention to detail and consistent follow-up increases your insurance compliance rate and reduces your uninsured and underinsured loss exposure.

Increase Corporate Control
Ebix RCS establishes a customized insurance certificate management database for each of its clients, with all work performed by Ebix RCS fully documented in the system and available for viewing 24/7 via a secured website. In addition to providing you this complete transaction/audit trail, the advanced insurance tracking system provides a variety of standard reports. Customized reports are also created based on your specific needs and objectives.

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